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What for?


Foot reflexology applies to everybody, from babies to the elderly. It keeps up with the needs and constraints of all ages.

It is totally safe, simple and very accessible.

It is a
natural and non-medicated practice.

It is a very good way of maintaining good health or improving life hygiene.

It is a global method; the effects permit to reach the origins of the disorders.


Foot Reflexology can help to treat many daily ailments.

Foot Reflexology is very effective to attenuate stress, releasing immediate general relaxation.

It improves blood circulation and eases body elimination functions.

Foot Reflexology truly helps your body to again find homeostasis.

Foot reflexology is a complimentary therapy, intended for use alongside conventional medical care and not as a replacement of it, it does not prescribe or diagnose.

In many medical facilities, reflexology complements medical treatments and helps patients favouring body boosting and deep relaxation.

It can also be used during recovery phase or associated with palliative care.

Inside companies, more and more business present reflexology sessions to their employees; creating effectiveness and therefore better performance and efficiency.
It is profitable to both employers and employees.

For sports men and women, Foot Reflexology can be complementary to kinesitherapy, working on recovery of bone and/or muscular joints.

Reflexology is highly beneficial in alleviating adverse side effects of chemotherapy,

by helping the patient to deeply relax, it also helps to reduce the level of anxiety, helping patients cope with the distressing symptoms of pain and nausea, the results reveal that treatments produce a significant and immediate effect on the patients' perceptions of pain, nausea and relaxation.


Many people who have cancer and who have used Reflexology say that they find it helps ease some of their symptoms or helps them cope with the side-effects of treatment.

Reflexology is used by many people under going treatment for cancer, and Reflexology is included at complementary therapy centres within many cancer units.

Many patients say that as well as enjoying the relaxation and stress relief they also feel able to cope with the physical side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.




- Thrombophlebitis

- Foot sprain or fracture

- Pregnant women below 3 months

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